Setting Up a Christmas Tree

Nordmann Fir

From £20

As well as being the UK's most popular tree thanks to its symmetrical shape, strong bushy branches and excellent needle retention; The Nordmann Fir also offers that unmistakable Christmas smell.

Its beautiful soft foliage allows the whole family to help decorate the tree without getting pricked by sharp needles. 

All of our trees are sustainably grown in the UK.



From £20

The perfect size for those who don't have a huge space but still want a Traditional Christmas tree.

Bargains & 4ft 


From £40

If you are looking for something to fill that perfect spot in your home then this is the tree for you. 

5ft & 6ft


From £50

Want a Traditional Christmas tree that really stands out from the crowd? Then look no further than our largest tree.

7ft & 8ft