Top Tips

Some useful tips to get you started.

Standing Your Tree

If your tree is not decorated straight away, stand it outside in a bucket of water.

When its time to come in, cut 3-5cm off the bottom of your tree (we can do this for you).

Choose a location away from direct heat (fires, radiators, etc.).

Stand the Christmas tree in a water holding stand. 

Remove the netting carefully and expect some needle loss (this is normal).

Setting Up a Christmas Tree
Toddler in Christmas Tree Farm

Ongoing Tree Care

Check the water stand daily.

Aim to keep the water level above the bottom of the stump.

You will be surprised at how much it drinks. 

In the New Year

Did you know Christmas trees are a renewable, recyclable resource.

They are sustainably farmed in the UK and are biodegradable so won't fill up landfill.

We can also collect your tree in the New Year just ask us about our collection service. 

Christmas Tree Farm